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Fake Third to First Pickoff - Legal or Not?

The situation is first and third with two outs.

The right handed pitcher lifts his leg then steps towards third for a pick off.

He doesn't throwthe ball, but spins and throws to first instead.

He didn't fool anyone since his move wasn't very good, but the third base coach said that's a balk and that rule was changed two years ago.

What's the ruling on this?

Still a legal play in NFHS!

Balk in NCAA and MLB.

Legion of course plays by MLB rules and as such this play would be a balk.

I know, confusing for player's and umpires, but it sparks the age old question of why doesn't the American Legion adopt high school rules. ~Nick Schultheis

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1 Comment

Isaac Cloos
Isaac Cloos
Jul 16, 2022

Could you advise what situations a pitcher can legally lift their non pivot foot, step towards a base and not make a throw at all?

I had first and third. R1 broke for second. Pitcher stepped towards third, then immediately turned to their right toward second, but made no immediate throw.

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