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Mistaken Count Confuses Catcher

I had this happen in my high school game the other day.

Count 3-2 with runner on first. I mistakenly thought it was 2-2. Pitcher threw a ball.

Batter went to 1st on walk. Runner on first slowly takes off to 2nd. Catcher throws to second thinking it was 2-2. Ball goes into center. Runner goes to third. Afterthought I should have called dead ball and sent the runner on third back to second, but I left him on third because I never called dead ball or time after the walk. What’s your thoughts?

Happy to help!

In this situation the reality supersedes the umpires mistaken thought of a 2-2 count. A walk is not a dead ball situation. In fact we don’t ever call time out in a BB situation until the batter-runner reaches first base.

~ Nick Schultheis

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