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Umpire Uniform and Gear

We have partnered with our sponsor Taho Sportswear to provide affordable uniforms and gear for both new and experienced umpires. All Umpire Shirts ordered will come with a free adjustable hat. Proceeds from all apparel items will be donated to the MN Umpires Scholarship fund. This is a temporary store that will close on March 18th, 2024. All orders will be brought to the umpire Expo on April 20th for pick up. If you cannot make that date, an alternative pickup will be arranged. 

New Umpires 

The following items are all you need to get started:

  • Umpire Shirt - $35

  • Umpires Pants - $35

  • Champro Starter Gear Kit - $107 

Experienced Umpires

Grab some MN Umpire branded gear! 

  • Two shirt colors (Navy & Powder Blue)

  • T-shirts and hoodies

  • Fitted and Adjustable hats

  • Campro Varsity Umpire Kit

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