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MN Umpires Awards and Achievment Highlights

First Annual
Umpire Expo

On Februaury 11, 2023, we held the first annual MN Umpires Umpire Expo. This event had training for all umpires, offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced training. There was also used umpire gear for sale as well as door prizes, t-shirts, and more, which made it a fun and successful event!

Thanks to Ben Dose and Adam Morken for their expertise in the Advanced and intermediate training.


Jacob Konz

2022 MN Umpires Scholarship Recipient

Jacob was selected as MN Umpires 2022 Scholarship winner . He is senior engineering student at the University of Iowa. He has been umpiring for six years, and he did over 50 games in 2022. The scholarship was awarded based on Jacob's commitment to umpiring, professional uniform, and timely arrival to games. He  exemplifies a good umpire with respect for players and coaches. Always trying to give everyone involved the best baseball experience.

Ethan Agre

Jimmy Lee Umpire Awards - Young Umpire of the Year

Ethan started umpiring with MN Umpires in 2021. The 15 year old has done close to 40 games each of the last two season while also playing baseball. Despite his young age, he has taken 13 year old games and is always looking to improve his umpiring skills. For that reason MN Umpires nominated him for the Jimmy Lee Best Young Umpire Award presented by the St. Paul Saints.


Chase Hebel

Jimmy Lee Umpire Awards - Most Improved Umpire

Chase umpired 140 games in 2021, winning the MN Umpires white umpire shirt. Similar to the Master's green jacket, the white umpire shirt it the highest award given out by MN Umpires. It is given to the umpire that does the most games in a summer. Chase has consistently called a high number of games each year, improving his skills with each game.


This year he was paired with a few experienced umpires in two-man crews with glowing reviews of his continued imrovement. Chase looks to attend MN Umpires two-man crew training in 2023 to further sharpen his umpiring skillset. 

Adam Morken

Northwoods League Umpire

Adam has been umpiring since high school and once he graduated from Mankato State University, he was looking for another challenge. He attended the Wendelstedt umpire school in Florida and preformed well enough to get placed in the Northwoods leage in the summer of 2022. This league is a college summer league for players (and umpires) looking to get a start in the minor leagues.


Even with his busy Northwoods schedule, Adam found time to umpire youth games with MN Umpires as well as help evaluate some of our umpires. 

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